At Cognition, we strive to provide you and your business with industry-specific, quality education and training.

Body art requires specialised skills.

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Bevel Theory

This course is designed to help you understand what bevel theory is and how useful it can be for both you and your clients.

Septums – Is straight really straight?

Let's make these sometimes tricky piercings a little easier. We aim to breakdown these piercings and go over multiple techniques to aid you in creating a more consistent and safe result.

Live Webinar Recording – Colour, the tool you should be using

This is a recording of a live webinar on how to utilise colour.

Blood-borne Virus Biosafety Training

The term “biosafety” refers to the use of specific practices, safety equipment, and specially designed buildings to ensure that workers, the community, and the environment are protected from accidental exposure or unintentional release of infectious agents, toxins, and other biological hazards.

Live Webinar Recording – Septum piercings

This is a recording of a live webinar on septum piercings.

Live Webinar Recording – A look into a few of those tricky piercings

This is a recording of a live webinar looking at a few tricky piercings such as tragus, forward helix, septum and daith.

Live Webinar Recording – Webinar Minors Why they’re awesome and special considerations

This is a recording of a live webinar - Minors Why they're awesome and special considerations.

Study what you love, at your own pace

At Cognition Body Art Education, we believe that all professionals across our industry – from piercers and tattooists, to hairdressers, beauty therapists and more – should have training and educational tools that have been created specially for them. Designed and curated by a team of experts across all fields, our tailormade online and in-person courses, seminars and tutorials are the answer to your training needs, taking into account the individual requirements, skills and accreditations that are relevant to each body art profession.

What Our Students SAY...

I really, really enjoyed Olly’s bevel theory class in particular – really informative! We actually got to have a play around with blades; I learn through doing so that helped a ton!
I had such a ‘click’ moment in your class and since I’ve been back at work everything is coming out beautifully. Thank you, Olly.
I took your bevel theory class at conference, and I’ve started using blades in some piercings. Your class has been a huge help – I can’t believe how much it all makes sense.
I had a few lightbulb moments, the content was clear and informative. I was excited to take home what I’d learned and put it into practice.

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